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Avoid frustrating food preparation!!!
Cooking healthy and nutritious dishes is time-consuming and difficult. Most people find themselves preparing vegetables for cooking in a time-consuming and tedious process. 

t's frustrating when you're faced with too many choices. Take the guesswork out of cutlery with this Safe Vegetable Slicer that does it for you. 

This cutting gadget has everything you need for easy slicing and dicing in one convenient tool — from French fries to potatoes, it chops them up just the way you want them. So make your favorite dish with ease, anytime!
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Want to cut your vegetables with precision?
Enjoy hassle-free slicing as our Safe Vegetable Slicer is designed with ergonomic design to cut vegetables effortlessly. The soft and safe blades glide through even the most difficult vegetables with a single swipe. 

The high quality of this kitchen slicer will allow you to follow your culinary imagination and create an abundance of dishes. You can easily cut potatoes into thin slices, cut onions into thin wedges, and make thin apple slices. 

This vegetable slicer can be used by professionals and novice cooks alike in order to preserve the freshness of any ingredients and make preparing food fun and easy!
What can you get with our Safe Vegetable Slicer?

Save Time and Effort

This vegetable slicer helps you cut, slice and dice vegetables swiftly without any hassle!

Wide Application

The multifunctional vegetable tool is designed to chop all kinds of food, such as onion, potato, mushroom, cucumber, carrot, tomato, ginger, garlic, cheese, etc.

Safe to Use

The unique design prevents your hands from ever going near the built-in blades, making this tool the safest option for an expert slice.


Count on getting slices that are consistent thickness every time when you use the Safe Vegetable Slicer.
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How do you assemble the container portion?

It just gets placed in the grove. No assembly required.

What is the size of vegetable shoot
Cut Is 4” long. Slices cuts about 2 “.
Should I wash before first use?
Yes, you should always wash before you use it for the first time.
Will it slice potatoes thin enough for scalloped potatoes?
Yes. The thickness is adjustable. Its great. My favorite kitchen too.
Can the blade come off to be sharpened?
No the blade is not removal.
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Layla Young
"Amazing slicing tool for any cook. Slicing is fast, uniform, easy to set up and clean up. I am very impressed with this mandoline slicer. I currently have a different mandoline but I need to glove up to use it and I need a large working surface to be covered to catch slices therefore I use it reluctantly."
29 Yan, 2022
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Aria Wilson
"Love this dash mandoline no more getting your fingers cut, has no way of cutting you, there’s a shield protector, a dail for thickness or thinness, love it will be getting more for presents everyone should have one-in their home."
9 Feb, 2022
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Grace Moore
" I love it!! Was searching a good slicer for a long time but it always cut my nails or the handle is not strong enough(or stuck) to cut my food. I love that it's doesnt risk cutting my nails or fingers, it's also quite compact to keep. Cleaning wise so far ok, they provide a brush to clean."
22 Feb, 2022
Image Content
Victoria Clark
"This item is amazing for both it’s safety features and ease of use. I am a bit of a kitchen klutz and feel completely at ease and fearless with this device."
27 Feb, 2022
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